Arch with snowflakes and lights over the entrance to a community center room with a winter wonderland sign on it.

Dancing in a Winter Wonderland

Last Friday was our Winter Wonderland dance, and our students had an absolute blast! Complete with balloons, snowflakes and lights, our high schoolers got to come enjoy a night of winter wonderment with their friends.

“Our Winter Wonderland dance was FIRE and prom will be too!” exclaims Independent Study teacher Brad Orender (pictured front row in the seventh photo). “Sign up solo, as a couple or in a group and come enjoy the atmosphere.”

Our amazing Events Team and other Visions staff helped make this night possible, working for months to plan the perfect night for our high school students. Seeing their vision come together and witnessing how much fun the students had made all of their work well worth it.

“When I was walking out to my car, I saw a mom and a student in the parking lot. Mom was helping the student put his tie on, and he had a massive smile on his face,” shares Angelica Gallardo, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services. “At that point, all the time and effort put into the planning all melt away and are replaced by the students’ smiles.”

Thank you to all the amazing staff that had a hand in making the dance happen. We appreciate all of your hard work in service to our students!

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