Superintendent Olmos stands next to Tori Berg in the Learning Center, holding the framed letter from Senator Niello in one hand and shaking Tori's hand with the other.

Senator Niello Recognizes Visions Student For Dedication to Public School Choice

In September of 2023, University Prep Academy student Tori Berg had the opportunity to present the Golden Apple Award to Senator Roger Niello on behalf of California Parents for Public Virtual Education. This award, which recognizes policymakers who are advocating for parental choice in education, was close to Tori’s heart, as it represented her educational experience and success at a non-classroom based school like Visions.

Excitingly, Senator Niello wrote a personalized letter to Tori and sent it to Visions, thanking her for presenting him with the award and commending her hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We were lucky enough to invite Tori, her father, and two of her teachers, Hilary Ducharme and Sarah Grassinger, to join Superintendent Olmos in presenting Tori with the letter.

Visions Stands Up For Public School Choice

Over the past year, Visions In Education staff has met with lawmakers to discuss the importance of charter schools and equitable funding. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Senator Niello and many others to highlight how schools like Visions are an important option for families, like the Bergs, that want different public education options.

Congratulations Tori and thank you for continuing to champion school choice and Visions!

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