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Visions: 24 Years of Innovative Education Options For Families 

Visions believes that a one-size-fits all approach to education doesn’t work for all kids or families. Since 1999, Visions has never stopped innovating to meet the ever-evolving needs of Northern California families. As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are prouder than ever to be a lifeline for families needing something different.

We are a public school, free, and open to all students

Historically, being able to choose a school that was different from a traditional neighborhood school meant paying to attend a private school. This is a financial burden relatively few can afford. As a charter school that is part of California’s public education system, Visions has been – and will always be – free and open to any student in our service area who wants to attend regardless of their background. 

We meet the individual education needs of students to help them reach their full potential

For some students, a traditional school model is the best fit. Other families need greater flexibility to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of their child. Visions prioritizes personal learning for every student, no matter what a students’ needs are. Visions believes that public charter schools should provide opportunities for all students, including those for who opportunity has been hard to come by. About half of Visions’ student body is made up of students from low income communities, foster youth and/or students who are English Learners. 

We have three at-home education options available 

Visions offers Independent Study, University Prep and Home School. Our families get a personally tailored education experience and depending on the path each student chooses, a family can access:

  • a variety of curriculum and elective options,
  • a budget for certain education expenses and activities, 
  • free community college courses, 
  • social and emotional health supports, 
  • in-person events, 
  • over 25 student clubs, 
  • and so much more.
Technology is core to our education model

Our LPAD Student Support System  (LPAD SSS™) is the single point of entry for parents to access student records, order curricula and supplies, manage events and more. Visions has partnered with major curriculum and supply vendors including Amazon, Staples, Bookshark, Lakeshore Learning, Rainbow Resource Center and TextbookX to create custom integrations within LPAD SSS™ that make ordering much simpler. Staff use Launchpad to track enrollment and attendance, manage vendors, and streamline communication. Because Visions built LPAD SSS™ from the ground up, you won’t find it at any other school.

You can be confident that Visions will help your child succeed! But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from the students we serve

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