Visions students and soccer club members in blue jerseys gather in front of the soccer net on the turf for a group photo.

Visions Kicks Off Its Club Soccer Season 1-0!

Last Friday, Visions had its first club soccer game against Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy, kicking off the official beginning of the season. Led by Independent Study teacher Kyle Novak, the team played its way to an 11-7 victory and clinched its first win of the regular season!

“In the three years I’ve been at Visions, something that consistently comes up with students is ‘How do I play sports while being a Visions student?’ It is so great to be able to let students know that now they can compete with Visions in an indoor soccer league against other charter schools,” Kyle shares. “We have fourteen athletes on our team who practice 1-2 times each week and play games on Fridays. I have been so impressed with our students for coming to practice ready to push each other to get better. It was also a treat to win our first game 11-7 with four different players getting on the scoreboard. The atmosphere at Le Five is fun and competitive, and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.”

Over the next few weeks, Visions will play a handful of other local charter schools, competing in five more matches before moving on to the playoffs. We encourage friends, family and Visions staff to come out to the games and cheer our team on! Check out the schedule here!

Click through the photos below to check out some shots from the game! All photos are on our Facebook page.