Visions Students Become Published Authors

On March 22nd, 2024, friends, family and Visions staff gathered at 916 Ink’s Imaginarium in South Sacramento to celebrate the release of this year’s Find Your Voice student anthologies. This year’s books, Banana Bread: How to Read Between the Slices and The Library of Secrets, are a collection of poetry and prose written by our middle school and high school Find Your Voice classes. Students in both classes worked all semester with our Find Your Voice instructors to write, edit, and refine the pieces that they wanted to publish in the anthology.

“It was so powerful to watch as students really grew as a community and embraced the process of finding their voice!” says Find Your Voice and Home School teacher Brittney Pratt.

In honor of the official publication of their books, students got to come collect their copies and read their writing in front of peers and families. Their work ranged from poetry about their dog to stories of love, nostalgia, and growing up, and listening to our students share their writing was the best way to commemorate their hard work.

“I am eternally grateful that since 2011, our leadership team at Visions has been committed to providing our students the opportunity to write in a community and discover the power of their voices,” says Find Your Voice founder and Independent Study teacher Hilary Brugger. “Seeing our students read their newly published pieces in front of family, friends, alumni, and our school staff reminded me how powerful these classes are; not only do they create confidence and provide a creative outlet, but they also foster lifelong friendships.”

Congratulations to this year’s Find Your Voice students, who now officially have their name in print! Thank you families, friends, and Visions staff (plus a Visions alum!) for joining us to celebrate our writers, and we look forward to seeing more of their work in the future!

Want to hear some student readings? Stay tuned for a video coming soon!