Find Your Voice Writing Class

Find Your Voice Writing Class

The Find Your Voice Writing Class at Visions In Education uses writing to take students in grades 6-12 on a journey of creativity and self-discovery. Students gain new confidence and discover the joy of writing. We proudly partner with Sacramento nonprofit, 916 Ink, to offer this class to our students.

Students read, discuss and write during class. Students have the opportunity to share their work, but it’s never required. All work written in class is treated as fiction and all feedback is positive. Students are allowed to blossom as writers and discover their writing voice in a structured environment in which new writing is treated gently and with honor. The high school class culminates with the publication of a book and the middle school class creates an anthology.

Students do not need to consider themselves a “writer” to sign up for these classes. The goal is to provide a creative and collaborative environment in which any student can discover their potential as a writer. The cost of this class is fully covered by Visions and free to our students.

Student Benefits:

  • Provide a creative outlet
  • Create a community of good friends
  • Foster empathy and human connection
  • Celebrate all of our unique voices
  • Build our confidence with words so that academic writing assignments feel less daunting
  • Turn students into published authors
  • Have fun!

Julianne Silla, Visions Students, with the cover of a book containing her work

“The class was so beneficial. It was freeing, relieving and surprisingly therapeutic. It brought out the creative side of me that I never knew existed. I learned more about myself and if I hadn’t taken that class I wouldn’t be as open as I am today. My writing was published by 916 Ink in the book Verbal Graffiti.”

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