Faten found an online high school that supported her love of learning, allowed her to pursue her goals and supported her unique needs as a student.

Student Spotlight: Lifelong Learner Follows Her Own Path

Faten Seyoury has always known the value of a good education. A passionate and curious student, Faten worked diligently for years until her family had to move and she was faced with a choice. She needed a school that would support her love of learning, allow her to pursue her goals at her own pace, and support her unique needs as a learner.

At Visions, Faten was connected with a qualified credentialed teacher Forouzan Soufi-Siavosh. She also gained the support of counselor Nina Handal who helped her chart her educational course. 

She not only helped me reach my goals but helped me become a better person,” says Faten. “She always believed in me, encouraged me, and still encourages me to do better and to further my education.” 

With the support of her teacher, counselor, and other Visions support staff, Faten settled into the flow of the Independent Study program. As an Independent Study Student, she learned vital soft-skills like accountability and time-management while working on her high school diploma. She also received support as a bilingual student and improved her English skills, working with her teachers to work and learn at her own pace. 

Being an independent study student taught me to be more responsible and helped me become more independent not only school-wise but also in my life,” says Faten. “It taught me to trust myself.

Life After Graduation

Faten successfully graduated as part of our Class of 2017 and has moved on to pursue a career in the medical field. She currently works as a medical assistant while finishing up her nursing education and hopes to become a registered nurse once she’s finished. She thanks her teachers and Visions’ staff for helping her awaken her true potential and navigate the challenges of life after high school. 

“Visions’ staff helped me grow so much as a person and improved my English skills,” Faten says. “I had such great staff that I remember their names to this day.”