Two young siblings, a girl with glasses and a black and white striped shirt and a boy in a red and white checkered shirt, stand next to one another and smile for a first day of school photo.

Home School Family Spotlight: Learning by Leaps & Bounds

Trinity and Damen G. both love learning from home. After a few of their former teachers left public school to begin teaching at Visions, mom Teri G. decided to make the switch for her family as well, enrolling the siblings in our Home School Academy at the beginning of 2023. Knowing that Damen could benefit from one on one learning, Teri saw that Visions’ model of individualized education and credentialed teacher support would be especially helpful for her son.

“When I switched my son from site learning to Visions, we were having a really hard time,” shares Teri. “It [Visions] gave him the freedom to learn his own way. He’s now in 4th [grade] and was actually excited for school to start!”

“Best decision I’ve ever made!”

When Damen left public school, he was at a kindergarten reading level and a first grade math level. After just a few months at Visions, Damen is now at almost a third grade reading level and has brought his math up to grade level. Damen’s teacher, Annmarie Woehler, has been instrumental in his academic success, and has supported the Gunderson family for many years.

“Mrs. Woehler is amazing. She was my 24 year old’s 3rd grade teacher. We’ve kept in contact all these years and when we decided to go with Visions, there was no doubt that I wanted her in our corner,” shares Teri. “She has been very helpful and knowledgeable when I was learning to teach my kids. She has an understanding of what I’ve gone through with the district and why I needed her help.”

Alongside Mrs. Woehler, Teri has found incredible success as Damen and Trinity’s parent and primary educator. Although the transition was difficult at first, seeing her kids excel at Visions was worth the learning curve.

“It is very difficult to learn how someone else learns. It took me about a month to figure out what works best,” says Teri. “The best way I have found to teach is by doing the same work alongside them. I will make copies of their work and do it with them. They will show me how to do it and it’s more like them teaching me.”

Just the Beginning

As fourth and fifth graders, Damen and Trinity are just beginning to explore and take advantage of all the unique services that Visions offers, including Enrichment Vendorsin-person events and student clubs. Trinity, who loves rollerblading and playing piano, and Damen, who loves skateboarding, Roblox and Minecraft, will surely be able to find vendors to support and enrich their education.

“Trinity will be starting piano and Damen will be doing guitar at Live Music Center,” says Teri. “My children still get to be around other kids when we attend the events. Visions has some cool clubs my kids are very interested in and [we] can’t wait to talk and join these clubs!”

“I’m excited to start guitar!!!!” adds Damen.

With a new school year just beginning, the Gundersons are looking forward to continuing their academic journeys at Visions. As Teri says, “I would pick Visions again and again!”

Ask the Kiddos!

Why do you like Visions?

Trinity: “I like it because I can work as fast as I want. When I went to school everyday, I would get in trouble because I was bored. We would learn the same thing for 1 or 2 weeks. Now I get to learn and move to the next thing when I can.”

Damen: “I like it because I like my mom to teach me.”

What’s your favorite subject?

Trinity: “MATH!!!”

Damen: “Science. I like experiments.”