Student Spotlight: How One Aspiring Esthetician is Finding Mentorship in Her Mother

Fourteen year old Ajayla G. has been doing nails since she was ten. For the past four years, she has been watching her mom, Ericka, find her own path as a cosmetologist. Working side-by-side with her mom has helped Ajayla discover her own passion for cosmetology and esthetics, and she has been able to pursue both as an Independent Study Academy student at Visions.

“I have always loved nails, but never took the time to make them myself. When I came to Visions, that was a good chance for me to learn more about them,” shares Ajayla. “Visions give[s] me the resources I need to fulfill those dreams or goals I have for myself….[and] focus on my learning.”

“I am honored to be Ajayla’s mentor in all her cosmetology dreams,” shares Ericka. “Ajayla is always eager to learn more things. To see how passionate she is at such a young age, I am always amazed.”

Along with nails, Ajayla is passionate about skincare. Documenting her journey on social media and through her Directed Project (a course that allows students the opportunity to explore an interest), Ajayla has been given the opportunity to take an educational approach to one of her passions.

“Having ‘Esthetician’ as one of my Directed Projects allows me to take in knowledge of my skin and share my journey,” Ajayla shares. “I speak a lot about how my skin has progressed. I also speak on products I use [and] skin research.”

Growing Personally and Professionally

Ajayla prefers to work at her own pace, and with hobbies that require time, dedication and creativity, she has found that the flexibility of Visions has truly allowed her to grow as a student and a future esthetician.

“I like to work at my own pace. This gives me the ability to adapt to plans in my personal life. Being in…Independent Study gives me the opportunity to be adaptable and hardworking,” says Ajayla.

Jessica Wall, Ajayla’s credentialed teacher, echoes Ajayla’s sentiment of being hardworking, saying that she is an “overall responsible student.” Ajayla in turn credits Mrs. Wall for guiding her through her schoolwork, her Directed Project and future goals.

“I would like to shout out to my teacher, Jessica Wall. She has been very helpful when it comes to school,” says Ajayla. “Whenever I have a question or a thought, she is always there and ready to listen. Ms. Wall is a very understanding, flexible teacher.”

Nailing It

“I love all nail designs,” says Ajayla. “I love how everyone has different styles. I love simple nails, extra nails, long nails, short nails, etc. I love just about everything about nails and how they can act as an accessory.”

Ajayla would one day love to have her own business, and will continue growing her skills, followers and clientele through social media. With so much determination as a young student and budding professional, Ajayla is sure to design the life of her dreams.

“I appreciate how Visions has been so supportive. Anytime Ajayla needs encouragement, they provide that in abundance,” Ericka says. “I know that if she is this good now, she will be fantastic in the years to come and I will continue to support her on this journey.”