Smiling home school boy stands next to replica of a dolphin

Student Spotlight: One Student’s Journey with Visions from TK to Twelfth Grade

Daniel E. has been with Visions since kindergarten. Soon, he will be accepting his high school diploma as a graduate of our Home School Academy. Daniel was enrolled in Visions as an alternative to the traditional public school environment. Each year, he has been able to plan his schedule in a way that works best for him.

“I get my high school education done in the morning to early afternoon,” says Esty. “I plan my schedule so that there is some leeway for free time, but I make sure to prioritize my education.”

Hoping to enter the medical field, Daniel has also been able to plan for his career by taking specialized classes. He is currently taking an Introduction to Healthcare class and previously attended a CPR class made available by Visions. His teacher and counselor, Donelle O’Brien and Connie Mandujano, have supported his goals and helped him figure out a career path.

“Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Mandujano have been very helpful to me in the years that they have worked as my teacher and counselor, and helped guide me to where I am today,” says Esty. “Ms. O’Brien in particular has been encouraging and supportive of my plans for the future.”

From Nursery Rhymes to Nursing

Daniel plans to go to college to get an associate’s degree in nursing, where he wants to work as a nurse to gain hands-on experience in the field before eventually becoming a nurse practitioner. He loves that he has been able to rely not only on material provided by his teacher, but on his ability to do his own research regarding what he’s learning, to get to where he is today.

“I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed my experience at Visions. I was able to learn at the pace I wanted without any setbacks, and my experiences with the teacher and counselor were great,” says Esty. “I would like to thank everyone involved within Visions for creating this learning platform and having me on board as one of many students that partook in this educational journey.”