Briyannah, a female Independent Study online high school student, smiles at the camera

Student Spotlight: Small Business Owner Hones Her Craft

Not many students can claim to have started a business before graduating high school, but Briyannah “Bri” Elich has taken her love of crafting and turned it into a successful online jewelry store.

“I started playing around with different ideas and putting my creations together, to find what makes me happy,” says Bri. “And it turned out to be that I really like making customizable jewelry.”

Balancing creativity with being a full time student isn’t easy, but Bri takes advantage of Visions’ flexible schedule to make the most of her time and stay on track academically.

“I balanced [my business] with a routine and a plan to make sure I get everything done in school and my orders without feeling overwhelmed,” Bri says.

High School Her Way

At Visions, Bri worked with her learning team to create a personalized learning plan that lets her stay on top of schoolwork while expanding her craft. Bri worked with her teacher, Mindi Rold, and counselor, Karla Gonzalez, to determine her academic and professional goals to come up with a plan to achieve them.

“My relationship with my teacher was great,” says Bri. “She helped me get through some of the toughest times in my subjects and went over and beyond to make sure I understood everything.”

Bri also got the opportunity to grow creatively in Visions’ Find Your Voice writing class which allowed her to participate in a writing program with other students her age.

“Being a part of that class allowed me to grow and put together my feelings in writing and I was able to contribute and share ideas with other people I was working with,” says Bri.

Turning the Page

After Visions, Bri’s plans include going to college to continue her academic and personal growth. She hopes to explore and find a career that makes her happy and plans to continue making jewelry.

“I’m glad I was a part of this learning experience,” Bri says of her time at Visions. “It was what I needed to grow and succeed.”