Student Spotlight graphic with online high school student's artwork of bread, donuts, strawberries and anime characters

Student Spotlight: Visions Reignites Student’s Love For Learning

Shalini K. came to Visions last year after having a difficult time in another school’s independent study program. Her family was looking for a school that would provide a flexible schedule, academic support and college planning. In Visions’ online high school program she has been able to get back on track and reignite her love for learning.

Preparing For Her Future

At her old school Shalini felt lost and was unsure what her goals were. She’s an artist and she’s currently exploring different career options including law, medicine and entrepreneurship. At Visions, she’s found the support and opportunities she needs to learn, grow and plan for the future.

“Every day I look forward just to sitting at my desk and studying. You [Visions] made learning a hobby for me,” said Shalini. “This school is a genuine lifesaver.”

Path to Success

With the support of her teacher, Kristen Wetzel and counselor, Jen Nino, Shalini has found her passion for learning again. She’s participating in a career technical education heath course and plans to take college classes during her senior year. In addition to her studies, she’s focusing on her art and plans to open an Etsy shop to sell her designs.

“Kristen is the best teacher I’ve had in a very long time. She emails me almost immediately and she explains things well and in detail,” said Shalini.

Anything Is Possible

Shalini is ready to jump into the new school year. She’s working with her counselor, Jen, to plan for college and creating sticker designs for her online shop. We can’t wait to see what she does in the future!