Why Choose a Charter School

As a charter school, we provide a new horizon in public education. We help inspire our students by providing a more flexible schedule, more curriculum choices, and a wider variety of outside activity choices than a traditional school. Like any other organization that has to satisfy its customers, we are accountable primarily to you. But as a public school, Visions is completely free to attend and you still have all the support you need to inspire your students and meet state standards and graduate.

Why select a charter school?

  • We provide more choice for students and families.
  • We provide a personalized learning experience for each student.
  • We provide more flexibility to meet the needs of our students and families.
  • We provide a distraction free environment to ensure success.

Which program is right for your student?

If this sounds good to you, request our FREE Information kit. There is no obligation. We’ll walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.