Requests for Proposals (RFP)

2017-2018 RFQ 100 – Voice Over IP

  • Request for Quote Issued: October 10, 2017
  • Deadline for Submittal of Proposals: November, 9, 2017 before 2:00pm PST
  • RFQ Document (download)

Q&A for 2017-2018 RFQ 100 – Voice Over IP

  1. Q. Does every site already have internet access?
    A. No. Some of our remote locations do not currently have internet access. We won’t be placing phones at those locations until we have internet setup there.
  2. Q. If yes, are they allowed access to use the internet? Is it wireline or wireless?
    A. Locations that have internet are allowed access. The Main office and the Carmichael Learning Center share a 100mb fibre connection. We would like a dedicated telephone connection as outlined in the RFQ. Our other learning centers have wireless internet using a Ruckus & Cradlepoint setup.
  3. Q. How many employees regularly work out of each office on a day to day basis?
    A. Our Main Site has approximately 150 employees on a daily basis. The Carmichael Learning Center has 1 to 2 personnel per day. All other learning centers are open once or twice a week and have 1 to 2 personnel when open. Only one device is needed for the learning centers.
  4. Q. Do all employees require a physical handset or would the software license alone suffice?
    A. We will do a mix. We have personnel that spend a lot of time away from the office who would likely use a softphone exclusively.
  5. Q. Do you have any common or shared areas that require a phone in addition to employee phones. If yes, are those phones included with the number of phones that are being requested on page 7 of your RFQ.
    A. Yes, we have conference rooms with a standard handset as well as other shared areas. These phones are included in the counts requested on page 7.
  6. Q. We would like to ask if there is a specific format or standard that you plan to have for the “handsets physical location” as noted in “911 Calling Required Features” requirement #4.
    Reference: An option must exist to allow each and every site on the network to be able to place a 911 call that will send the correct address of the site and the handsets physical location.
    A. As indicated on Page 6 of the RFQ, Visions has numerous physical locations. At a minimum we desire a system that specifies to the 911 system each sites individual physical location. Calls from a site served by a hardwired, physical handset must give that sites actual, physical address to the 911 service. Systems that do not differentiate between sites and do not give out such identifying information will not be accepted. Systems that not only give the actual, physical address but also give the option for additional information such as Floor, Wing, Room Number or other identifying information helpful to first responders is highly desirable.