Visions is 100% FREE

All This for FREE!

That is correct – Visions In Education is completely free!  Plus, for each of our three programs, we provide resources our students can use in pursuit of their educational goals.

Visions, like all public schools is funded by tax dollars. Our school gives you more flexibility than a traditional public school in how we spend these dollars. So, we invest in things like:

  • One-on-one teacher/student interaction.
  • Credentialed teachers who come to you.
  • 24/7 access to the most up-to-date educational technology.
  • Flexibility in choosing curriculum; flexibility when you study and learn.
  • Academic and personal support services.
  • Additional resources like advanced classes via community colleges.

To see all of the ways that Visions helps inspire our students to prepare for success, select the link for the program that fits you best: TK-12 Home School, Independent Study High School, or our University Prep High School (EDGE) Program.