May 7-13 is National Charter Schools Week banner with apple and Visions star logo

May 7th-13th is National Charter Schools Week!

This week is National Charter Schools Week! A time to recognize the value of school options and equitable education that meets the needs of individual students. Visions In Education is proud to be a free public charter school that offers students a unique learning model. We prepare students for life after TK-12 education.

Charter schools like Visions have provided safe learning options for students who do not thrive in traditional schools. During the pandemic, our unique learning model allowed us to meet the needs of students remotely with little loss of learning. We were even able to grow, being honored with a Pivotal Practice Award from the California Department of Education for our excellent Technology Services team.

We are proud to be a public charter school that meets our students’ educational needs while also providing a rich variety of educational enrichment opportunities and events. As we continue to refine our processes and improve the way we serve our students, we are also taking steps to advocate for free public charter school options. As we’ve previously shared, Visions leadership is meeting with Sacramento lawmakers and their staff to tell our story and advocate for equitable funding for all public schools in California.

    We are grateful to be a school chosen by its students. Thank you to our staff, families, and student body that have been part of our success as an independent charter school.

    Join the Celebration!

    • Thank a Teacher: National Charter Schools Week coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week and the National Alliance of Charter Schools is inviting all students to thank their teachers for all the hard work they do making charter schools shine. Shout out your favorite teacher using #thankateacher, #charterschoolsweek, and #VisionsProud.
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