Visions’ Independent Study online high school program provided Isabella a flexible learning plan that took her personal interests into account.

Student Spotlight: Independent Study Offers Student A Personalized Path

Isabella Paul is no stranger to Visions In Education. From first to sixth grade, her family worked with the Home School Academy staff to provide her a personalized education. But after leaving Visions and spending two years in more traditional schools, Isabella felt like her needs weren’t being met so she enrolled in the Independent Study Academy.

“I wasn’t really learning anything on Zoom with my other school,” says Isabella. “I had been with Visions before. I knew that they would help me learn more but also give me flexibility and the convenience of doing school in my own home which is a plus!”

Visions’ Independent Study Academy welcomed Isabella back to our school and provided a flexible learning plan that took her personal interests into account. Isabella was able to work with her teacher, Tatyana Lazukova, to learn at her own pace while allowing her to pursue her interests, including baking, exercising, and spending time with her loved ones.

“For me, doing independent study is super beneficial,” says Isabella. “I love getting to do schoolwork around my schedule so that I can do the things that I enjoy but also still get school done.”

This includes participating in career planning activities like the Career Technical Education Patient Care Pathways program which gives students access to college courses designed to prepare them for a career in the medical field. This program also includes in-person first aid training and certifications.

“I feel like I am learning a lot about what the healthcare field may include and I am learning about lots of different careers!”

Looking Ahead

With the support of her teacher, Isabella is on track to graduate early and begin pursuing her post-secondary education. While she isn’t sure what the future holds for her specifically, her time in the Healthcare Pathway program has warmed her to a career in the medical field. Isabella thanks her teachers for helping her achieve her goals and instill in her the skills necessary to succeed outside of school.

“Independent Study is really nice because you can do everything on your own and you can choose some of your classes which makes it more personalized,” says Isabella. “Thank you for this opportunity!”

Student Spotlight Bonus

Hear directly from Isabella to learn more about her experience in Visions’ Independent Study Academy.