National School Choice Week 2023

January 22 to January 28 is National School Choice Week, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about all the choices students and parents have when it comes to TK-12 education. 

“School Choice is about tens of millions of families making decisions about the schools or learning environments that are right for their individual kids,” says Andrew Campanella, President of National School Choice Week. “It’s also about families making decisions about individual factors that matter to them.” 

Proud to Be Chosen

Like all charter schools, Visions In Education is proud to be a public school of choice that offers parents and students a personalized learning environment to meet their students’ individual needs. Check out our Alumni Voices page to hear more about how students can succeed in a school of choice. 

Check out our gallery of students and staff celebrating school choice below! 

Proud to Choose

Want to get involved? Here are some fun ways to celebrate National School Choice Week: 

  • Share A Badge on Social Media: Post one of these badges on Social Media with the tags #SchoolChoiceWeek and #VisionsProud. 
  • Grow Our Community: Do you know someone who might benefit from choosing a different school? Start a conversation about your experiences at Visions and let them know they have options available to them.