Smiling home school student holds up her State Seal of Biliteracy certificate

Grad Spotlight: Picking a Path After High School

There are so many careers out there to choose from, and Home School student Zion P. wants to explore as many as she can. A Visions student since kindergarten, Zion took advantage of multiple extracurricular activities, dual enrollment opportunities and specialized classes, allowing her to explore her interests while also pursuing her future.

“I like to read and write, so I did the Find Your Voice class,” says Zion. “I also did Dual Enrollment at Cosumnes River College and Sacramento City College, and was able to take classes such as Human Career Development, Administration of Justice and English.”

Not only did these classes help Zion get a head start on college, they helped her find one of the careers she’s interested in – becoming a lawyer.

“My counselor, Deanna Stevenson, and my teacher, Toolie Younger, helped me find scholarships and get on the right track for college,” says Zion. “Now I know I want to be a lawyer, particularly for large businesses.”

Mastering the Arts

Zion will be attending Sacramento State in the Fall to begin down the path to law school, but she hasn’t forgotten about her love for the arts. A fan of video games like League of Legends and Mario Kart, she’s also thinking about becoming a Game Developer. 

“My dream is to build a game from start to finish, creating a fantasy world that reflects real life,” shares Zion. “After Sacramento State, I hope to transfer to the University of Advancing Technology for game development.”

Skills for Life

Visions’ unique learning environment allowed Zion to choose new topics to learn about, be responsible for her time and acquire life skills along the way. She loves that Visions let her pick classes that she wanted to take, while also directing her towards her future.

“There are so many classes to pick from,” says Zion. “For example, if you want to be an art teacher, you can take art classes. If you want to be a language teacher, you can choose language classes.”

At Visions, Zion took advantage of these language classes, working all the way up to Spanish 4. Recently, she was awarded the State Seal of Biliteracy for mastery of two or more languages.

“I’ve been taking Spanish since I was young, and recently received my State Seal of Biliteracy certificate,” says Zion. “It felt really good to see all my hard work pay off.”

All of the skills Zion acquired during her time at Visions will undoubtedly help in whatever she chooses to do in the future. Game developer or lawyer, Zion is already a winner.