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Student Spotlight: Aspiring Veterinarian Hits Her Stride

I was in home school, but I wasn’t learning.”

Hannah Heath needed an education option that fit her personalized needs and provided her with the tools she needed to succeed. A lifelong lover of arts such as drawing and sculpting with ambitions of one day going into veterinary medicine, she found that the schools she attended in the past did not support her unique learning needs or accommodate her personal interests.

At Visions In Education, Hannah connected with credentialed teacher Christina Schreiber and counselor Jen Nino who helped Hannah with schoolwork, professional learning opportunities, and opportunities to explore her passions. As an Independent Study Academy student, Hannah takes charge of her own schedule and pursues things that are interesting to her, such as the Career Technical Education Program which puts high school students in touch with career training in highly sought-after fields.

Hannah says that the structure of her classes and the support of her learning team make learning easier and more effective for her.

“I love the progression and instant grades of my work,” says Hannah. “I love to see that my work is tracked and that I am able to see myself reaching my goals.”

Planning For The Future

Hannah has been taking introductory medical classes as part of Visions In Education’s health care program as a way of test-driving a career in medicine. After getting hands-on experience with administering care, she plans to attend a two-year college after graduating and continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Hannah thanks her learning team for helping her stay on track and giving her the support she needs to reach her goals.

“The relationship between my teachers and my counselor is great,” says Hannah. “They both understand me individually on a daily basis.”