Mikaela, a teen student that owns her own business, smiles at the camera in a park

Student Spotlight: Young Business Owner Makes Her Mark

Mikaela D. has what most people consider to be a full schedule. On top of being a young full time student, family member, and friend, she is also the founder of Blaq M’inenz, an all-natural skincare line that focuses on creating safe and effective products for all skin types. 

“The commercialized products in stores contain too many chemicals, most you can’t even pronounce,” says Mikaela. “So after researching, I decided to create a more natural and healthier ingredients for my skin.”

Balancing Act

Managing a business while continuing to grow as a person and stay on top of her schoolwork is a full time job. But Mikaela finds ways to manage her flexible schedule since coming to Visions four years ago in search of a more personalized learning option. At Visions, Mikaela found a school that supported her educational goals while taking into account her personal interests.

Education is my priority, my schoolwork takes about four to six hours a day,” Mikaela says. But even while focusing on her studies and business, Mikaela finds the time to engage in extracurricular activities, including horseback riding, music and even financial management. Working with credentialed teacher Jessica Kimbrell, Mikaela is able to stay on top of her skincare line while still focusing on her studies.

“Ms. Kimbrell and I have a good relationship, very transparent,” says Mikaela. “She is interactive with us and always tries to find a solution to our concern.” 

Final Touch-Up

Mikaela hopes to continue to grow her business and educate other people about the benefits of natural skincare products in the future. In reflecting on her experience running her business as a student, Mikaela considers it enriching, providing her with a sense of personal achievement in addition to advancing her career goals. 

“It has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to do,” Mikaela says. “My future is limitless, without boundaries.”