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Visions serves over 6,700 students. See how our different academies work below.

Home School

This academy is available to transitional kindergarten through 12th grade students. Parents/guardians are directly responsible for teaching with the support of a credentialed teacher. We offer parental choice for families that are looking for individualized learning and maximum control of their student’s education. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our various curriculum options, events, community college classes, tutors and counselors to enhance their personalized education. Families use their budget funds for community partner services, like yours.

Learn more about our Home School Academy here.

Independent Study

This academy is available to students in grades 9 through 12 looking for a flexible education option. Many of our students found that the traditional school model was not a good fit for them. Our program offers a safe and flexible learning environment so they can catch up on credits, start attending community college, prepare to enter the workforce and earn their diploma from home.

Independent Study students are provided $200 to create self-directed projects on a topic that interests them.

Learn more about our Independent Study Academy here.

University Prep

This academy is available to students in grades 9 through 12 looking for an online learning option to help them prepare for college or university. Our curriculum meets A-G requirements and includes group projects, electives and in-person activities.

University Prep students are provided $300 to spend on community partner services and self-directed projects.

Learn more about our University Prep Academy here.

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