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Community Partners

Please note: Public agency and online-only partners will have a slightly different process.

What is an eVoucher?
An eVoucher is a promissory note to for payment of services for that particular student. eVouchers cannot be submitted for payment until after the service date ends and this is completed through your community partner portal. 
What is the community partner portal?
The community partner portal is a secure website that allows you to view the status of your eVouchers and submit them for payment after the end of the service date. 
How do I set-up and update my community partner portal?
As soon as you are approved, you will receive a welcome email that includes information about logging into the portal (a website that gives you access to the status of your eVouchers and where you will approve them and submit them to our Accounting Dept for payment). Any updates and/or corrections can be emailed to
What if my password link to the community partner portal expired?
Please complete the Community Partner Help Form. Vendor Support will resend the link to you so you can establish a password.
What if our services or rate has changed?
Any updates needed for your profile, including services offered or rate changes will need to be requested via the Community Partner Help Form
How will Visions students and families learn about me?
As a community partner, your listing (contact information, website, and a brief description) will appear in our partner database. This database is used frequently by Visions parents and students. If anything is incorrect, please complete the Community Partner Help Form to request any changes.
I requested a change to my information, but the database does not reflect the change. When will the changes appear?
It takes 24 hours for your changes to appear in the database.  Please check tomorrow. If it’s still not showing, please email
Are there other advertising opportunities to reach your families?
We offer sponsorships in the beginning of the year to help you reach our students. For $100 paid in gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Target), you will have a more detailed and colorful listing on the Sponsorship page on our website, rotating ad space next to our database and periodic social media shoutouts. The sponsorship runs from time of purchase until the end of the school year in June. Learn more here.
How do families request services from us?
      • Once a parent, and in some cases a teacher, knows the details of the activity in which his/her child will be participating (name of the class, day[s]), time, cost, how often you would like to get paid, etc.), the parent or teacher will order a certificate called an eVoucher from their Visions online ordering system stating all of the activity information.
        • The parent is strongly encouraged to start this process at least 5 days prior to the start of the activity.
      • The order is then approved by their Visions teacher and processed by Ordering Services (this takes approximately 5 days).
      • After the eVoucher is processed by Ordering Services, you will see it listed in your community partner portal as “Upcoming eVouchers”. You will also receive an email regarding the student’s order, and the parent’s email address and phone number.
      • The parent is instructed to contact you and register for the class.
        • If this class is canceled or full
          • The parent will notify Visions and we will cancel the eVoucher.
          • You will notify Visions by completing the Community Partner Help Form.
        • If the parent has not contacted you, you are welcome to contact the parent if the class is near full capacity.
You are not allowed to provide services until you see the eVoucher in your community partner portal.
When a parent orders an eVoucher, does that mean they are registered for my class?
No, the parent or teacher must contact you to register for the class. If the parent or teacher has not contacted you, you are welcome to contact the parent or teacher if the class is near full capacity.
Are paper vouchers still an option in addition to eVouchers? How do I receive the paper voucher?
Visions is no longer using paper vouchers. All vouchers will appear in your community partner portal, so make sure you can log in and are checking the portal daily. 
Can I manually change anything on the eVoucher if something needs to be corrected (such as dates or an incorrect payment amount)?
No. If anything on the eVoucher needs to be corrected, please notify Community Partner Support via the Community Partner Help Form. All eVoucher change requests must be sent via the Help Form from the Community Partner after the Community Partner has confirmed the change with the parent. Community Partners are required to request all eVoucher changes. Once the eVoucher is corrected, you will see the change to your eVoucher in your community partner portal. Services cannot be delivered until you receive the correct eVoucher.
How do I get paid by Visions?
When the end date of the eVoucher arrives, the eVoucher status will change from “Current” to “Ready for Submission” in your community partner portal. In the column, “Have you delivered services?” you will select “Yes” and this electronically delivers the eVoucher to Visions Accounting Department where your check will be processed within 30 days. (When you click “Yes”, the parent will also receive an email letting them know you submitted the eVoucher for payment, but they are no longer required to sign the eVoucher.)
What if the student does not show up to his or her scheduled class?
Parents are aware there are no refunds for eVouchers purchased except for:
      • Class cancellations by the community partner -or-
      • Poor customer service by the community partner
      • Written approval from community partner stating why you are accepting a parent’s request for cancellation and refund (submitted via the Community Partner Help Form).
You are responsible for communicating to the parent your company’s make-up policy.
How long before I get paid?
We adhere to NET 30 terms. We will remit payment within 30 days from the date Accounting receives the eVoucher.
    • As soon as you are approved, you will receive a welcome email that includes information about logging into your community partner portal (a website that gives you access to the status of your eVouchers).
      • Regarding your Visions community partner portal, you should have received login instructions to your portal the day you were activated.  Please check your email inbox. If you did not receive this or if your temporary password expired, please email and we will reset your password.
      • In the portal you will see the following status of each eVoucher:
        • Created eVouchers (Upcoming eVouchers, Current eVouchers, Ready for submission)
        • Payment Status (Pending VIE approval, Paid eVouchers)
        • Rejected eVouchers (Withdrawn from VIE, Cancelled)
What if I haven’t received a payment in 30 days?
If payment is not received within 30 days from the date of our receipt of your eVoucher, please complete the Community Partner Help Form. We kindly ask that you do NOT ask the parents about your payment status.
Do I have to complete the entire application process and fingerprinting to renew as a partner each school year?
As long as you remain an active community partner with Visions In Education, you will not be required to be fingerprinted. However, if you sever your relationship with Visions and wish to be reinstated as a partner, then a new application and fingerprinting will be required before you can be considered an authorized partner again. To remain a community partner with Visions next school year, we will be sending out a contract for the next school year.