A group of students all sit around a projector screen and watch as one student plays the video game Super Smash Bros.

A Space for All Students: How Visions’ eSports Club Creates Community

At the eSports Club championships in December, you could feel the anticipation of another first place title on the line. Students and staff gathered in the Visions Boardroom to watch the club members battle it out with each other and St. Brendan High School in their game of choice – Super Smash Bros.

There were new and old faces in the room – current students, former club members, and even families. Last year’s champion and former student Lenny Muse attended with his friend and old eSports Club teammate, Haylynn. Together, they cheered on their old squad.

“The friendships they [Lenny and Haylynn] formed while participating in the eSports Club matter to them,” says Matt Mueller, Programmer here at Visions and one of the eSports Club advisors. “Since graduating, Lenny has continued to support the club as an assistant coach. He took the lead in organizing practice sessions outside of our weekly meetings. With his help, the entire team has made great strides throughout the season.”

Like last year, EliteGamingLIVE broadcasted each battle of the championship. After multiple rounds of one-on-one matches, Visions student Stepan G. (pictured in the blue Adidas sweatshirt) took second place overall in the tournament. Click through the photos below!

Replaying the Year

Beginning as a pilot program, the eSports Club has been operating for a little over a year now. Matt and co-advisor Uriel Gonzalez, Visions’ Director of Technology, truly brought their vision of a place where students could gather, play and learn to life. As the club has expanded, Matt and Uriel are proud to continue to provide a space for our e-gamers to grow.

“Clubs provide students an opportunity to socialize consistently with their peers,” Matt shares. “I see three major benefits: developing social skills, gaining personal confidence, and building the sort of support network that is increasingly important for young adults today. And best of all, it’s all driven by the students themselves.”

At Visions, we are constantly creating new opportunities for our students to develop, whether it’s through clubs, student organizations or extracurricularsMatt, Uriel and the nine current club members are looking forward to another year of growing the eSports community, together. As Matt says, “There are other students…at Visions, hungry for community, brimming with potential, just waiting for their chance to shine.”