Enrichment Activities

What is an Enrichment Activity?

These are activities that our Home School Academy students can participate in to enhance their educational experience. These activities happen in a variety of locations throughout our nine-county service area, students can choose from:

  • Enrichment Vendors: We’re partnered with 800+ enrichment vendors including tutors, martial art schools, learning centers, swimming schools, parks and recreation districts, online activity providers and many more! Learn more here.
  • Visions-Sponsored Enrichment Activities: We organize many enrichment activities throughout our nine-county service area to allow students to connect with other Visions students. We offer various activities including lego engineering, cooking, ceramics, physical education and more. Learn more about Visions-Sponsored activities here.

We are committed to supporting these valuable options for our students as we continue to develop more partnerships and new activities.

What is the difference between Visions-Sponsored Enrichment Activities and those provided by Enrichment Vendors at their locations?

Nothing! Having these different vendors and locations provides parents more options and flexibility as they plan their day, week and month.