Visions In Education: Powered by Technology

At Visions In Education, our goal is to provide each student with a personalized public education that prepares them to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Technology is core to our educational model. 

Technology Pioneers

The LPAD Student Support System  (LPAD SSS™) is the single point of entry for parents to access student records, order curriculum and supplies, register for events and more. Visions has partnered with major vendors including Amazon, Staples, Bookshark, Lakeshore Learning, Rainbow Resource Center and TextbookX to make ordering much simpler. Staff use LPAD to track enrollment and attendance, manage vendors, monitor and track student requests and streamline communication. Because Visions built LPAD SSS™ from the ground up and have continually updated it for over a decade, you won’t find it at any other school.

Improving Our Tech Support

Two years ago, Visions launched an in-house Student Technology Services (STS) Department. The STS team serves as the front-line support for students and their families, making sure a Chromebook gets into the hands of each high school student. As well as providing internet hotspot units for students from low-income communities. They also repair and refurbish tech along the way, and ensure the experience is as approachable and efficient as possible. Some members of the department are even former students themselves!

This year STS will also be purchasing and distributing new fleets of Macs and Chromebooks. This investment is estimated to cost three to four million dollars and will provide newer technology to better support our students and staff!

Team Technology

Visions Information Technology (IT) offices look exactly how you’d guess they would. Couches along the wall, a poster of Bill Murray on the door and a Dungeons and Dragons meme stuck to the back of the air conditioner. They also take their jobs seriously. They provide IT support, training staff on ransomware and anti-phishing protocols to enhance the securing of the entire school community. As well as tackle large projects like our migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows us to streamline various operations. Our IT Team plays a critical role in our organization supporting student learning and keeping student information safe.

We’re very proud to be able to offer these tech benefits to our families and staff at no cost. Visions was even recognized by the Department of Education as a 2022 California Pivotal Practice School for our distribution of technology!

Blue banner with yellow and white outlined letters STS at the top and yellow and white words Student Technology Services established 2021 on a tech background.

Rocket logo with LPAD underneath in black letters then Student Support System underneath that in blue letters