S.T.E.M. Mentoring Program

Success Through Education Mentoring (S.T.E.M) is a partnership between the University of California, Davis and Visions In Education which provides mentors to our students. Visions students meet one-on-one with UC Davis student mentors and receive support and valuable information about college life and success.

S.T.E.M. is a University of California, Davis based educational resource program focused on mentoring high school students. This program’s goal is to help students continue their education beyond high school by building a social and educational community with Visions In Education students. The program recruits UC Davis undergraduates (mentors) from a variety of majors and high school students (mentees) who are committed to this year-long program. Not only are volunteers a wonderful resource for high school students, but participants in our program can look forward to building lifelong friendships.

UC Davis mentors and Visions high school students meet one or two Fridays a month. These meetings offer valuable educational workshops that will introduce high school students to the requirements and skills necessary to succeed in a college institution. The mentors create an environment that fosters professional development, confidence, leadership and determination. The UC Davis mentors present informative presentations and activities providing the students with the tools necessary to attain their goals.